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We have chimney sweeps and dryer vent technicians that service homes in the San Diego area, and we are scheduling appointments now. Please contact us regarding chimney cleaning and dryer vent cleaning for your home.
Chimney Sweep on Roof

Our Services

You already know that we sweep chimneys and clean dryer vents, but what else do we do? Well, we repair flue liners, install gas logs, and even getting that little bird out of the chimney. We perform these services and many more. If it involves your chimney or your fireplace, it's very likely we do it. Visit our services page, to see a list. Or, if you don't see it on the list, give us a call. It's likely we do it.
San Diego County

Areas We Serve

San Diego has great weather most of the year, which makes it easy to forget about your fireplace and your chimney, but don't wait until rain comes and the chimney leaks to do something about it. Call us now and enjoy a warm, cozy fire when the drizzling starts. We serve all of the residential areas of San Diego County. To see if we clean chimneys in your area, view our service area map.
Chimney Sweep Brush

Chimney Cleaning FAQs

What is a Chimney Crown? What is a Chimney Cap? What is better: gas logs or wood burning fireplaces? Get the answer to these questions and more by visiting our Chimney FAQs.

Replacing a Chase Cover-Video

Watch Michael Morrison replace the chimney chase cover (aka chase flashing) in this Chimney Champ Video.
Gas Fireplace Log

Gas Logs

If your tired of the mess from all the ashes in your fireplace or you don't like running to the store to pick up firewood, but you love the beauty and warmth of a fireplace, gas logs may be for you. We sell and install gas logs. Please view our Gas Log Information to find out if they are right for you.